Эссе Some people say that it is impossible to feel lonely in a big city. However, others believe that quite a lot of citizens suffer from loneliness

People have different attitude to life in a big city. Somebody thinks you can’t be solitary in megalopolises. There is also an opinion that loneliness is the main problem of people in big cities.
In my view you will never be lonely, if you live in a big city.
Firstly, big cities are densely populated so you can always find an amiable person or company to have good time with.
Secondly, there are a lot of places of interest in megalopolises, such as museums and cinemas, restaurants and shops, where you can find something that will capture your attention.
But it is important to mention that the way you feel yourself depends on city dweller’s personal attitude to life.
The opposite point of view on the problem of big city psychology is that the majority of people in megalopolises suffer from the feeling of loneliness and isolation.
The state of affairs is that in spite of great opportunities city gives us people are busy and spare much time on comparatively useless things (hours spent in offices, for instance) so they have no free time for their hobby and family. In addition, most city dwellers do and depend the same things, have similar appearance. All these factors make people in megalopolises feel themselves lonely.
I don’t support the opposite opinion. If a man has a wish, he will always find time and other resources to do everything not to feel himself lonely regardless of his job, social status, age in a big city and some features of megalopolises can help it.
To sum up, a big city is a place where you can never feel yourself isolated. Big city gives people endless possibilities and if you have a desire you can always use them not to be lonely.




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