Эссе Studying abroad? Easily!

A lot of pupils want, plan and even dream about studying abroad. European and American diplomas are highly rated all over the world.
It needs a lot of efforts, money to enter a foreign university. It is also quite nervous and anxious enterprise full of new impressions, emotions, difficulties, adventures, feelings.
Not every student who has a desire has possibilities to leave home for absolutely unfamiliar country.
But it isn't required.
Since the invention of the Internet people received numerous opportunities about which they hadn't dreamt.
Unfortunately, people don't use even the tenth part of these opportunities.
Today you can get any education sitting in front of your computer. You don't need to leave the country. Distance education is becoming more and more popular.
But I'll speak about it later. Firstly, it is important to define what education and studying are for you.
Some people think that studying is to read a paragraph in a textbook and get a good mark. Others follow a simple principle "Live and learn". The third think that education is for mere mortal.
I know such pupils who are sure that someone must teach them, must give them knowledge. It seems they don't know that there are such things as self-education, curiosity.
No one must do anything for anyone. If you want to be smart, to be educated you should do everything to achieve you aim by yourself, like Lomonosov.
And the Internet is the best friend in this case. You can study in Cambridge or MSU even not being officially enrolled. Its sites contains information about educational programs, syllabus, recommended books, exams and other. There is no doubt that such way of education can't fully replace the "real" one and, of course, not every person can master this method. But at the same time such way of studying will greatly develop you.




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