Эссе Morning in a Pine Forest

«Morning in a Pine Forest» is a genre scene the subject of which is mother bear and her bear cubs curiously exploring a fallen tree in the morning.

The composition of the reproduction is typical for subject painting. The main objects of the picture are in the central part and in the background of it there are details that can help us to understand the main idea. The centre is dominated by a family of bears who climb on a big recently fallen tree. Mother bear watches her naughty children who enjoy newly found thing. In the background of the picture we can see a mysterious Russian forest that stretches for thousands of miles and attracts everyone by its greatness. It looks so realistic that we try to gaze into its space.

morning in a pine forest

The picture is painted both in warm and cold colors, where the dominating ones are dark green and soft deep tints of brown. Background and foreground colors contrast each other. It is important to mention that pale delicate and soft colors of background create the effect of morning mist in the forest and luminous light yellow of the sun makes us almost close the eyes from bright morning sunrise.

The whole space of the picture is very detailed: old heavy branches, roots of trees, the broken stem and bark covered with moss.

I like this picture very much. This reproduction is special. We all know it from tasty sweets «Mishka Kosolapov». This outstanding masterpiece can stand the test of time because Ivan Shishkin has managed to convey the beauty of Russian nature demonstrating a great sense of space and real talent as a colourist that is why it looks so realistic and appealing.