Эссе Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will soon disappear

There is an opinion that libraries are useless nowadays and won't exist in future. However, others believe that libraries are important and remain the main source of free books for many people.

In my way of thinking, libraries still have great importance. Moreover, they are an essential part of any town and they will not disappear.

The main reason for it is that many people often go to the library because it is the only free source of books they have. For instance, many old people can't use computers or other devices to download or read e-books, so they visit libraries.

The second reason is that there are such rare books, magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias in libraries that are not published in the Internet or you can only buy them.

In addition, there is always a pleasant atmosphere and silence in the library. Sometimes there are special events there.

At the same time some people consider that libraries belong to the past and they lose their popularity. The main reason for it is that the development of information technologies let people download or read on-line any books wherever they are. In this case they don't need to go to the library to look for required book in dusty bookcases and bring it back on time.

Perhaps, this point of view is correct but I don't share it. Firstly, there are some editions that are protected by copyright law and they can't be loaded free. In this case libraries are very useful. In addition, it is better to borrow a book rather than to buy a new one.

Secondly, nowadays a lot of libraries are equipped with computers and Wi-Fi, so you can search information, work and study there, get acquaint with interesting people.

To sum up, libraries are very important today. Though there are some people who disagree with it, their arguments are insignificant. So, public libraries are very useful and won't disappear.




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