Эссе Graduation

11 years in school. 11 years full of wonderful moments, about which almost everyone will reminisce during the whole life. Graduation is an essential ceremony for many pupils, bright and remarkable event, where you are very happy and at the same time sad about leaving school. Superb dresses, pleasant atmosphere.

But not for me….. 🙂

I agree that leaving school is an important step in our life, but it is only the beginning. New opportunities and difficulties are waiting for us.

As for splendid ceremony of graduation, I suppose, that it isn't worth it.

Firstly, such feast is rather expensive. Payment for renting the hall, costs for clothes (you won't be understood if you come in jeans) are high. When there is a choice between noisy party and, for instance, new powerful computer, action camera or driving licence, I will choose the last.

Secondly, beautiful speeches, sincere smiles, delightful faces will vanish immediately after first bottle of alcohol. I strongly object to alcohol. I am convinced that there can be fun without ethanol and destroyed brain cells. The main aim of majority of pupils is to drink a lot and for long. "Dancing" and shouting classmates on the tables are, of course, worth paying money.

Thirdly, graduation is not the end of the world. Life is just begins. Soon we all will have our own family, job and won't have time to miss school. In addition, we all have accounts in social nets and can communicate in any time, unlike our parents, who didn't have such possibility.




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