Эссе Really good music (What kind of music do you prefer?)

Tastes differ. It is especially actual when we speak about music preferences. As for me, really good music is heavy metal. I like it very much because such music is complicated and heterogeneous. It often makes me think of its deep sense. In addition, it is based on classical music that is considered one of the greatest human achievements in art. I can listen to this music and enjoy it for hours. My favourite heavy metal bands are Metallica and Iron Maiden.
Typical instruments for heavy metal are electric guitars and drums that make this music very dynamic, rhythmic, energetic and harmonious. As for the last one, some people don’t think so.
Metal is one of the main kinds of music that is very popular. Moreover, it had caused great changes not only in music but in society itself.
There is no doubt that heavy metal is music that can stand the test of time and will never be forgotten.




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