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Видеоклип «Человек верующий» о том, во что верят люди.

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Man the believer

The world progress

The world progress – is a great process of development, including not only scientific and technological progress, as many people wrongly think, but evolution and social progress: concepts of human behavior, forms of government, religion, new stages of human behavior and so on.
The phrase "to believe in the world progress" is quite inexact, because it is an obvious phenomenon.
But some people "don’t believe in the world progress", because it damage our planet, does a lot of harm to nature, though working out safe methods of processing of different things is one of the main aims of science, and science – is the world progress.

UFOs and Life on other planets

The existence of life on other planets is a very complicated question. Most of the scientist believe in it, as there are a lot of evidences and scientific theories and hypothesis about it. Really, it’s silly to suppose that our human gender is the most developed in the Universe and the only one.
Another discussed problem – is UFOs. A lot of people don’t believe in them, because they say they have not seen them. But we don’t see atoms, but they exist.


There are a lot of religions in the world. The main idea of religion is that there is a god or gods, who created the Universe and control it. In my view professing some religion is not actual, because you know it is a great business and in addition to it now it is a century of scientific leaps, when there are a lot of theories about the structure of the world and explanations of human behavior.


Some people believe in magic, but most of them are children. At this age they can’t explain most of the things and believe that their only reason is magic. In the Middle Ages people were afraid of magic: ghosts, witches, unusual creatures, supernatural things and so on.

Black cats

Some superstitious people believe that black cats bring bad luck, because they are black, or because there are a lot of legends connected with them, or because many people believe in them. Any way from such silly people’s behavior poor black cats suffer. Everything that happens with us depend on us, and black cats can’t change it.


Everything that happens with us, everything that we do, and everything that other people do for us, depends on us, and only we can change it. Believing in yourself is very important, as it makes us stronger.



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