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Видеоклип о мифах и легендах разных стран. Сопровождение доклада о верованиях народов на английском.

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Myths and legends

Myths and legends is a very important part of our life and culture. Every country has its own stories, tales, folklore in which its history, traditions and particularities are reflected.
People of all nations treat them respectably as to own myths as to others.
Some myths and stories are written in ancient sources such as books and chronicles and some are transferred from one generation to another. Every new generation collect and study them. That’s why myths and legends haven’t been forgotten.
Though the world progress rapidly goes, new scientific and technological inventions are made, people watch videos instead of reading and culture level is becoming lower, modern people find myths and legends very remarkable and attractive.
First of all people study history and culture with the help of myths and legends. We study ancient civilizations, peoples’ way of life.
For example, famous Ancient Greece myth tells us about Persey – a hero, son of Zeus, who killed Medusa Gorgona, using his sharpness, wit, strength, bravery.
We see that Greek gods were people, but not supernatural creatures, therefore the main value of Greek was belief in human. People can do everything: to control nature, to find answers on any question.
Another typical example is a story about Ancient Russia’s warrior Ilya Muromets and his feats. These stories tell us how Ilya  defended people and his country from enemies and was a real patriot. From these tales we can see that Russians were brave, strong, clever, honest and fought till last for their honor and country.
Another thing why people find myths attractive, is that they give us a lot of proverbs, aphorisms, adages. They find important practical use in our daily life.
For instance, the Augean stables for great mess, that is hard to clean. Or Achilles heel – weak point of somebody.
To sum up myths and legends as a part of our culture plays a great role in studying history, in our daily life.
It is important to save them for subsequent generations.



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