Эссе How to teach your parrot to talk

Parrots are unusual birds. They are not only funny and amusing, we can probably call them one of the smartest birds.

Parrots can imitate various sounds and do different commands, but their main skill is talking. They not only repeat human words, but really understand, what they say.

If you have a desire, you can easily teach you parrot to talk.

I give advice and instructions according to my own experience. My parrot knows a lot of words and commands, but I didn't teach him on purpose, and now I can draw conclusions, how it all happened.

I bought a parrot at the age of 2 months. It is a male and lives alone (he has no couple). It is known that single males are easier taught than females or parrots, which live in a group of parrots (parrots in group usually forget human words).

It would be better if a parrot is taught by a child, because children always rub along with animals and have more free time to spend it with pets.

Probably the first word your parrot will learn is his name and how you usually call him: "my dear", "my sweat", "my little parrot", etc. And the more often you call him so, the quicker your parrot will learn it.

Don't repeat one word several times as a robot! Your words must be sincere, from the bottom of your heart. Parrot will feel it clearly and understand it, so it listens to you attentively.

The second thing he will say is words denoting members of your family: granny, mum, dad, Masha, Sasha, etc. in addition to it, parrot will understand who is who: who is granny and who is Masha.

The third thing is the most popular words and word combinations in your family: "get up", "open the door", "I am at home", "where are my shoes", etc. And as it was already mentioned, parrots are very smart. They associate the word with the time it is usually said and the person who usually says it.

For instance, I work on my computer till night and my parents often tell me: "Go to sleep, let your eyes have a rest". Soon my parrot began to tell me the same almost every day usually around 10:30 o'clock: "Go to sleep, go to sleep, sleep, sleep".

Also parrots easier learn words that include hushing sounds.

Today my parrot is 8 years old. He likes to talk very much and he learns more and more words.

Let's draw some conclusions:

  • young single males are easier taught than others
  • don't repeat the same words several times as a robot – spend more time with your parrot,
  • speak to him.
  • use more words with hushing sounds

And the main: do it all with love – parrots are more sensitive than people, they understand everything and if you love them, they will love you too.



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