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Why it is important to study
Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will soon disappear
Why chemist?
Studying abroad? Easily!
What do you like most about your school and why?
What scientific achievements Russia is famous for?
Some people say that it is impossible to feel lonely in a big city. However, others believe that quite a lot of citizens suffer from loneliness.

Why it is important to study

why it is important to study

At first it seems that the question doesn't require an answer. On the other hand there is a deep sense here.

From the earliest childhood till nowadays parents tell us to study, study and study. There is no doubt that it means to do all home tasks to listen to the teacher, not to talk on the lessons and so on. But in my view to study means to get not only academicals knowledge, but knowledge that are not written in textbooks, such as sense of duty and responsibility, relations with adults and children, development of different qualities of character, positive attitude to life and many others.

In addition to it is important to study not only to be a worthy member of society, but to get a good high paid job. Moreover studying allows us to be an interesting person, who can speak out on different things with different people.

Another thing is that studying is encouraged. Those pupils who study well, get different awards, medals, diplomas. Pupils who get good marks are given money. Some institutes and universities offer budget places for students, who won city olympiads.

People respect those who study. They serve as an example.

It's rather easy to draw the conclusion: it is very important to study. As for me studying is my only task now.

Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will soon disappear

There is an opinion that libraries are useless nowadays and won't exist in future. However, others believe that libraries are important and remain the main source of free books for many people.

In my way of thinking, libraries still have great importance. Moreover, they are an essential part of any town and they will not disappear.

The main reason for it is that many people often go to the library because it is the only free source of books they have. For instance, many old people can't use computers or other devices to download or read e-books, so they visit libraries.

The second reason is that there are such rare books, magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias in libraries that are not published in the Internet or you can only buy them.

In addition, there is always a pleasant atmosphere and silence in the library. Sometimes there are special events there.

At the same time some people consider that libraries belong to the past and they lose their popularity. The main reason for it is that the development of information technologies let people download or read on-line any books wherever they are. In this case they don't need to go to the library to look for required book in dusty bookcases and bring it back on time.

Perhaps, this point of view is correct but I don't share it. Firstly, there are some editions that are protected by copyright law and they can't be loaded free. In this case libraries are very useful. In addition, it is better to borrow a book rather than to buy a new one.

Secondly, nowadays a lot of libraries are equipped with computers and Wi-Fi, so you can search information, work and study there, get acquaint with interesting people.

To sum up, libraries are very important today. Though there are some people who disagree with it, their arguments are insignificant. So, public libraries are very useful and won't disappear.

Why chemist?

Today the most popular professions are connected with information technologies and economics and it is natural for the century of fast developing society. Such jobs as managers and programmers are very attractive for future students: they are prestigious and well paid. However, such unprepossessing professions as engineers, doctors, teachers, workers are also important and very required.

I refer to those, who is going to choose unattractive job – chemist. By the way, it is not exactly a job.

Why chemist?

Since my early childhood I have been interested in how the world is made. I am fond of documentary films about space, history, wild life, environment, travelling, discoveries. I like reading encyclopedias, studying atlases, surfing different popular science sites. It always excites me. I can say that gaining knowledge is my hobby.

But as for chemistry, I didn't explode handmade bombs or something like that (to tell the truth it isn't very interesting for me). My choice was influenced by a great person, my first chemistry teacher Kulakova Valentina Alexandrovna who had unconventional methods of teaching.

So since that time I decided to dedicate myself to chemistry.

In my view, the thing of the first importance in any occupation is to love what you do. Only in this case, when you like your job, you can achieve success.

When my friends ask me about my future career and hear my answer they begin to joke about cooking meth. But when they begin to reflect on my words they wonder, what I am going do. A lot of people think that if you have chemical education the only job you can get is a chemistry teacher. Of course, it is not true. Chemists work in laboratories, conduct research projects, write articles and do many other things (that are useful for society and its development).

I am also interested in researching but more in popularization of science.

Unfortunately, many teens don't know how interesting and exciting science can be. They often say about such school subjects as, for instance, physics and math: "I won't need this knowledge in future", "How can logarithms be useful in my profession of a lawyer?".

I think it would be great to launch some popularization project, to make complicated science attractive and understandable for people as I once was attracted to the world of science by films and books of some enthusiasts. In addition to it, science is not only fascinating. Perhaps, people would think twice before making tattoos or taking drugs (how fondly ☺).


11 years in school. 11 years full of wonderful moments, about which almost everyone will reminisce during the whole life. Graduation is an essential ceremony for many pupils, bright and remarkable event, where you are very happy and at the same time sad about leaving school. Superb dresses, pleasant atmosphere.

But not for me….. 🙂

I agree that leaving school is an important step in our life, but it is only the beginning. New opportunities and difficulties are waiting for us.

As for splendid ceremony of graduation, I suppose, that it isn't worth it.

Firstly, such feast is rather expensive. Payment for renting the hall, costs for clothes (you won't be understood if you come in jeans) are high. When there is a choice between noisy party and, for instance, new powerful computer, action camera or driving licence, I will choose the last.

Secondly, beautiful speeches, sincere smiles, delightful faces will vanish immediately after first bottle of alcohol. I strongly object to alcohol. I am convinced that there can be fun without ethanol and destroyed brain cells. The main aim of majority of pupils is to drink a lot and for long. "Dancing" and shouting classmates on the tables are, of course, worth paying money.

Thirdly, graduation is not the end of the world. Life is just begins. Soon we all will have our own family, job and won't have time to miss school. In addition, we all have accounts in social nets and can communicate in any time, unlike our parents, who didn't have such possibility.

Studying abroad? Easily!

A lot of pupils want, plan and even dream about studying abroad. European and American diplomas are highly rated all over the world.
It needs a lot of efforts, money to enter a foreign university. It is also quite nervous and anxious enterprise full of new impressions, emotions, difficulties, adventures, feelings.
Not every student who has a desire has possibilities to leave home for absolutely unfamiliar country.
But it isn't required.
Since the invention of the Internet people received numerous opportunities about which they hadn't dreamt.
Unfortunately, people don't use even the tenth part of these opportunities.
Today you can get any education sitting in front of your computer. You don't need to leave the country. Distance education is becoming more and more popular.
But I'll speak about it later. Firstly, it is important to define what education and studying are for you.
Some people think that studying is to read a paragraph in a textbook and get a good mark. Others follow a simple principle "Live and learn". The third think that education is for mere mortal.
I know such pupils who are sure that someone must teach them, must give them knowledge. It seems they don't know that there are such things as self-education, curiosity.
No one must do anything for anyone. If you want to be smart, to be educated you should do everything to achieve you aim by yourself, like Lomonosov.
And the Internet is the best friend in this case. You can study in Cambridge or MSU even not being officially enrolled. Its sites contains information about educational programs, syllabus, recommended books, exams and other. There is no doubt that such way of education can't fully replace the "real" one and, of course, not every person can master this method. But at the same time such way of studying will greatly develop you.

What do you like most about your school and why?

I have been studying at school 57 for nine years from the second term of the first form.

Firstly I studied at school near my house but what has made parents to make such decision is English specialization of this school. English is an international language. It is used everywhere, in any spheres of our life. Everyone knows that it is useful to learn English.

I love my school very much. I have got a lot of friends there. The most important and bright events in my life are connected with school.

But what makes my school such and what I like most about it is its teachers.  During nine forms there were a lot of teachers whom I respect and will never forget. And in addition to it there were more teachers in my class than in any other because almost every year there was a new class leader, but I don’t complain. My teachers have formed my character, they have been pointing me what ideals I should reach, they have been giving me knowledge without which I can’t imagine my life. I will always remember and thank them.

Another thing is that my class is one the most important thing in my school and daily life. All my classmates are my friends. We have a good time together. We are very different and at the same time have lots in common. All remarkable events in my life are connected with my classmates. They always support me and I try to support them. Moreover I learn a lot from my relations with classmates, for instance the importance of friendship, avoiding offence.

To sum up my school has a great positive influence on my life. It has always been my second home and family. I will never forget my school years and will remember them with great pleasure.

What scientific achievements Russia is famous for?

Russia is famous for enormous amount of different achievements in different spheres of science, which are admired by people from all over the world. We can be proud of our country for inventions and discoveries that were made by its people, without which the subsequent development of humanity will not be possible. The Russian federation is only 20 years old. But if we mean Russia as a country with a long great history including USSR and the Russian Empire it will take days to name all achievements.

But I would like to mention the most remarkable achievements of several centuries.

The first one is associated with the XIX century. In 1896 Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev created the Periodic System of elements and formulated the periodic law. There is no doubt that this achievement had made a great revolution in the world of chemistry. Though the structure of atom was explored only in the xx century, Dmitriy Ivanovich placed the elements according to their atomic weight predicting the complex structure of atom. What is more, this achievement gave opportunity to the development of physics, biology and other disciplines.

A lot of achievements were made in the USSR. During the rule of Lenin, the Second World War, the arm race drive the soviet science and technology contributed a lot to the development of the country and the world science. In my opinion, the most remarkable achievement that was made during the soviet period is the assault rifle of Kalashnikov (AK-47). This legendary weapon has no equal one in the world. In addition to it, AK is painted on national flags and state emblems of several African countries. Moreover, it was the only weapon in fights for independence of 63 African countries.

All in all, remarkable achievements of the world scale that could make the revolution in the world of science and technology were not made in Russia as in other countries. On the other hand, Russian scientists take part in international scientific projects; they work out projects in nanotechnologies and reach excellent results.

For example, Geim and Novoselov invented the graphene. Perelman proved Poincare conjecture.

From my point of view, the remarkable achievement is that there are still people who work and make discoveries and explorations not for money and awards but from the sense of duty and from a great love to Motherland and from desires to make our country and life in it better.

Some people say that it is impossible to feel lonely in a big city. However, others believe that quite a lot of citizens suffer from loneliness.

People have different attitude to life in a big city. Somebody thinks you can’t be solitary in megalopolises. There is also an opinion that loneliness is the main problem of people in big cities.
In my view you will never be lonely, if you live in a big city.
Firstly, big cities are densely populated so you can always find an amiable person or company to have good time with.
Secondly, there are a lot of places of interest in megalopolises, such as museums and cinemas, restaurants and shops, where you can find something that will capture your attention.
But it is important to mention that the way you feel yourself depends on city dweller’s personal attitude to life.
The opposite point of view on the problem of big city psychology is that the majority of people in megalopolises suffer from the feeling of loneliness and isolation.
The state of affairs is that in spite of great opportunities city gives us people are busy and spare much time on comparatively useless things (hours spent in offices, for instance) so they have no free time for their hobby and family. In addition, most city dwellers do and depend the same things, have similar appearance. All these factors make people in megalopolises feel themselves lonely.
I don’t support the opposite opinion. If a man has a wish, he will always find time and other resources to do everything not to feel himself lonely regardless of his job, social status, age in a big city and some features of megalopolises can help it.
To sum up, a big city is a place where you can never feel yourself isolated. Big city gives people endless possibilities and if you have a desire you can always use them not to be lonely.



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