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Architecture may be the oldest of fine arts. It is also the most practical of them all. Apart from serving functional purposes architecture is supposed to meet aesthetic requirements.

The basic elements of any building are

  • a foundation
  • wings
  • an attic
  • a basement
  • a roof
  • doors and windows
  • a floor
  • walls

Additionally a building may have

  • a portico
  • a porch
  • a dome or a cupola
  • a  colonnade  or  a row  of columns/pillars
  • a balcony or a veranda(h)
  • a patio or a terrace
  • a roof terrace
  • a courtyard
  • arches   (pointed   or   round-headed)
  • French, latticed, stained glass or tracery windows
  • capitals
  • spires and turrets

The interior of a building can be decorated with

  • fresco(e)s
  • tapestries
  • wooden panels
  • paintings
  • internal colonnades designs
  • sculptures
  • carvings of wood and stone
  • mosaics
  • pieces of furniture
  • ornaments
  • wallpaper of beautiful
  • draperies
  • carpets

Buildings or their parts may be constructed of

  • stone or stone blocks
  • clay
  • brick(s) 
  • steel and glass
  • wood or timber 
  • terracotta                       
  • marble
  • tiles
  • concrete

In the history of architecture people usually distinguish several major styles. If a building combines several styles we say that its style is eclectic. We can speak of

  • Ancient (Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc.) Style
  • Byzantine Style
  • Romanesque Style
  • Gothic Style
  • Renaissance Style
  • Baroque and Rococo Styles
  • Neoclassical Style
  • Modern and Postmodern Styles

The best samples of architectural design produce the impression of being

  • elegant
  • magnificent 
  • well-proportioned 
  • attractive
  • dignified
  • weightless             
  • impressive            
  • noble                       
  • refined
  • original
  • solid
  • spacious