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Видеоклип про вулканы. Очень интересный. Другие материалы о природе.

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Volcano – is one of the most unusual and magnificent nature’s wonders. Its power, fierce and explosive violence shock everyone.
The structure of volcano is quite simple:
As you see most volcanoes are situated on the breaks of tectonic slabs and in big mountain chains. So do ocean volcanoes.
There are different types of volcanoes. Concerning their activity volcanoes are divided in three kinds.
Volcanoes that have ceased to erupt are said to de extinct. Other volcanoes that have been quite for a long time but that may erupt again are described as dormant, while those that have erupted in historic times are said to be active.
There are 1000 active volcanoes from 1500 existing. Etna, Vesuvius (Italy), Klyuchevskaya Sopka (Russia), Mauna Loa (USA), Mount Fuji (Japan) are the most dangerous ones.
Volcanic eruptions are notorious for the destructions they cause. It is really a disastrous phenomenon.
Lava that flows from the mountain destroy everything on its way: forests and its wildlife, villages and towns, leaving a lifeless waste land behind itself.
Molten rocks can strike people and become reason of fires.
The percussion wave can cause the earthquake.
Smoke from volcanoes doesn’t let planes fly and plants covered with ash can’t produce oxygen.
The harmful compounds drop out with acid rains and destruct plant and poison water.
20 % of all people live near volcanoes and, of course, they are well informed about actions during volcanic eruptions and after them.
Modern technologies and development of Earth researching let people to forecast volcanic eruptions  and to decrease or even avoid victims.
In potentially dangerous places such as Hawaii and Kamchatka as citizens as government are always prepared to sudden natural phenomena. Hospitals, fire brigades and others are ready for any possible situation.
But the other thing is that a man can’t cheat nature and if you are ready today, it doesn’t mean that tomorrow everything will be as we planned.
For instance, Vesuvius volcano. Everyone knows about «the last day of Pompeii», but after this it erupted more than 10 times. The last was in 1944. It wiped out several villages. But as it was during the second world war, no one paid it attention. 



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