Эссе What do you like most about your school and why?

I have been studying at school 57 for nine years from the second term of the first form.

Firstly I studied at school near my house but what has made parents to make such decision is English specialization of this school. English is an international language. It is used everywhere, in any spheres of our life. Everyone knows that it is useful to learn English.

I love my school very much. I have got a lot of friends there. The most important and bright events in my life are connected with school.

But what makes my school such and what I like most about it is its teachers.  During nine forms there were a lot of teachers whom I respect and will never forget. And in addition to it there were more teachers in my class than in any other because almost every year there was a new class leader, but I don’t complain. My teachers have formed my character, they have been pointing me what ideals I should reach, they have been giving me knowledge without which I can’t imagine my life. I will always remember and thank them.

Another thing is that my class is one the most important thing in my school and daily life. All my classmates are my friends. We have a good time together. We are very different and at the same time have lots in common. All remarkable events in my life are connected with my classmates. They always support me and I try to support them. Moreover I learn a lot from my relations with classmates, for instance the importance of friendship, avoiding offence.

To sum up my school has a great positive influence on my life. It has always been my second home and family. I will never forget my school years and will remember them with great pleasure.




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